Yegi Beauty Kits

Yegi Beauty Kits

So, let's paint a picture. If you, as a lash technician, didn't have the chance to take one of our Yegi Academy courses, yet are yearning for the perfect start to your lashing career, one of our kits will be your best bet!

After all, there are choices in any industry, but the importance lies in Yegi Beauty making sure that we cook with the greatest ingredients, and that makes the buyer feel at ease with actually making our company their go-to choice. 

We make information conveniently by creating a Kit Comparison Chart.

This way, it's all laid out for you to find your level of lashing, because eyelash extensions and the craft behind it is an art. So, choose your paintbrush to be the better version of yourself in the realm of beauty. 

Ready to start shopping? -- Eyelash Extensions Kits --

Now, the prices may be overwhelming but it's a package deal invented for investment. That should put your beautifying mentality at ease.

The reason that Yegi Academy was mentioned off the bat was because our courses are equipped with the kits, depending on what class you're looking for. So, that's a double jackpot!

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Don't forget to stock up on other Yegi products you may need!

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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