Eyelash Extensions 101

Yegi Lashes

When I say look good, feel good, be unstoppable, I MEAN IT and want you, as a lash tech to mean it too!

By making these tutorials, I'm hoping to really give insight to anything and everything that's lash extensions. So, let's talk lashes to the fullest. I want you, as the viewer (or reader in this case) to really have a full understanding in order to give your clients those perky & curly lashes they will absolutely love!

So, without further ado, check out the YouTube video for Eyelash Extensions 101 and be sure to keep a look out for future tutorials! 


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I love your videos, they are very helpful and I just received my starter lash kit and I’m in love, thank you so much

Clelia Rodriguez,

When will you have Mega Volume mixed tray .03???? I check website everyday.

Tamela Acee,

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