Fake Eyelashes vs. Eyelash Extensions

Fake Eyelashes vs. Eyelash Extensions

Tweet Tweet! Yegi Lashes has made it to Twitter, and I love what I'm seeing my beauties! 

I immediately realized the everlasting debate between fake eyelashes & eyelash extensions. Don't get me wrong, my products may essentially fall under the "fake" category, but I really want to elevate on one very important point: it's the WORK that the lash tech puts behind each and every lash to make your eyes pop & shine! 

So, if you checked out the tweet, you'll notice that she makes a comment about her fake eyelashes feeling weird, and she may be referring it to it being heavy on the eyes. While those feel bulky since it's one strip on each eye, Yegi Lashes give you numerous options in order to be able to mix and match to avoid any kind of heaviness or discomfort in your lash experience!

Check out our Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/yegilashes! Muah. 

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