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Yegi smiling happily in front of a pink background

 Yegi smiling happily in front of a pink background

As a self-made millionaire, Yegi had to work hard and make difficult decisions and sacrifices to build her company into the industry powerhouse it is today. “After working in different companies and a few different industries, I realized that the beauty industry is the best industry to be in because, all in all, the environment is happy. What I mean by that is that it’s unlike doctors or lawyers who have so much school debt, stress, and sleepless nights. We make good money, have flexible schedules, and can’t be replaced by robots or programs because what we do is art. We are always making people happy and in a positive environment. Our quality of life cannot be replaced. And this is why I love the beauty industry,” Yegi tells us. 

Yegi is a young entrepreneur who has always been curious and hardworking. You can say she has always seen things out of the box and been able to creatively solve difficult problems. Her cool and collective spirit in life and business makes you want to be around her. She thrives on inspiring others and helps others see things from a positive point of view.

While her path to the beauty industry took some twists and turns, her dedication to success and commitment to providing for her family compelled her to start a pioneering, well-respected brand. Learn more about Yegi’s journey as an eyelash extension professional and business owner today!

It All Starts Here

Yegi wasn’t always interested in starting a beauty-based company. Although she loved doing hair and makeup, she never thought it could be a career big enough to support her family and desired lifestyle. As a teen, she had tons of passions and interests but since her love for math and science significantly stood out, and the engineering career was both stable and had the potential to pay well, she decided to pursue it. Unfortunately, even before she started college, she was faced with a huge roadblock. She thought that she had an equal opportunity to do whatever she put her mind to, as long as she was willing to work hard. However, she had no idea that being an immigrant with a pending status and no social security number meant that she could not apply for financial aid, personal loans, or get funding to go to college. In fact, you have to pay a much higher rate than regular tuition as an international student if you are not a resident. “Generally, it’s pretty hard to become a U.S. citizen—it’s a long process. My parents’ language barrier was huge, so I had to take responsibility for learning how to get by with limited guidance.”  

Very disappointed that she could not go to the top engineering schools that she was accepted into after high school, she decided to attend her local community college since it was much more affordable. Her engineering degree was well underway when another hurdle changed the course of her life. Due to some family hardships, she had to work, and since her engineering degree was a full-time day program, it was not an option to work and go to school. Therefore, Yegi ended up changing her major to a Business degree to be able to work and go to school, since a business degree had some night classes and was less challenging overall than the engineering degree. Soon after completing her undergraduate and graduate degree in business and accounting, Yegi finished school quickly and got a job as a student counselor. Things were finally going her way and she was on a roll.” So, while I was doing my master’s degree and working full-time, I also went back and finished my cosmetology license. I would work from 8 am to 5 pm and then go to school at night from 5 pm to 10 pm.” she explains. She had begun a licensing process in high school, and she did not want to leave anything half done.

But how does a business graduate who already has a full-time job pivot to become an eyelash extension professional? Another hurdle was thrown in her path and forced her to seek something a little different! “This is where I truly started believing that everything happens for a reason,” she confides. 

Failures Lead to Success

Because Yegi had been working at the university for several years, she felt that a new promotion opportunity was right up her alley. The university didn’t agree, however. She was refused the position based on her age — even though she’d already been working for them for six years!

This setback led her to consider her life path. Was she living the life she wanted? Was this career the direction she wanted to go? Yegi realized that even with a degree and university position, she still wasn’t making enough to help her family and afford the lifestyle she desired. So, she decided it was time to start her own business.

Becoming A Beauty Boss

Yegi squirting lash cleanser into her handYegi Beauty was born as a full-service salon in Burbank, CA, in 2015. Within a year, Yegi fell in love with eyelash extensions and decided to revamp the salon into an eyelash extensions specialty studio. Soon after, she launched Yegi Academy and Product Line. At that point, she had been working as an eyelash extension professional for nine years and was not pleased with the products and education that was out there. Her passion for eyelash extensions was so high she wanted to educate and grow the eyelash extensions industry to make sure it wasn’t just a passing fad.

“I took a lot of risks. I didn't know how hard it would be to open a business. I needed a lease. I needed a location. I needed employees. I needed to learn everything. It was really, really hard to get a business loan, so I had to risk the house. I borrowed against my 401(k), and I got into over $100,000 debt, including my credit cards. A lot of people didn’t know how much debt I was in because I didn’t want to hear anybody’s negativity. My family didn’t know that I had the house on the line. They definitely would not have approved. But I knew it was going to be fine.” 

The first couple of years, Yegi was working 12 hour days as an eyelash extension professional, doing $200 services for $9 to build clients, handing out flyers anywhere she could because she knew she had to do whatever it takes. There was too much on the line.  

Three years later, she paid off all her debt and was already making millions. “ I still remember the day I paid off my debt. I had a little over $20,000 left on my business loan, and I was just so ready to be debt-free. I was at a point financially where I could just pay it off, and I still remember what an amazing feeling it was. I could not believe it. It kind of felt like, “Oh, my God, I made it.” 

Eventually, with tons of hard work and a can-do attitude, Yegi Beauty started turning a profit, gaining attention from the community, and building a following. Today, the eyelash extensions industry is booming, and Yegi Beauty is one of the top recognized brands nationwide for quality products and education. Not only does Yegi Beauty ship worldwide, but they also offer both online and on-site classes. They proudly offer a wide range of specialty products and supplies for eyelash extension professionals so you can provide your clients with first-class services and boost your bottom line.

Whether you’re considering becoming an eyelash extension professional or you’re already a licensed expert looking to grow in your field, you’ll find incredibly valuable information and a lifetime of ongoing support. Yegi will even teach you how to become an educator so you can build your audience. Jumpstart your career and become your own boss; we’re here to make your dream a reality.

Yegi’s mission is to spread love, positivity and help others reach their full potential to live their best lives! We believe that looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you are empowered to change the world for the better.

You don’t need to be an eyelash extension professional to fall in love with Yegi products and services! They work with many vibrant beauty enthusiasts at many different salons who simply enjoy making you look your best using our eyelash extension kits. So next time you're making your eyelash appointment at a local salon, make sure to ask your stylist to use Yegi products.

If you’re like Yegi, ready to start your own business, Yegi Beauty can help you do it! With our lash technician certification and extension kits, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. Learn more about the company and our academy today!

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