How do You Become a Yegi Beauty Brand Ambassador?

yegi beauty lash starter kit
yegi beauty lash starter kit

At Yegi Beauty, we’re looking for beauty brand ambassadors who believe in our brand. Are you a lash technician who loves Yegi Beauty products? Have you taken any of our online or on-site courses and recommended them to friends and family? You might be the perfect fit to become a brand ambassador! Want to know how you become a Yegi Beauty brand ambassador? Learn more about the application process and perks here.

Who Qualifies?

We established the Yegi Beauty Ambassador Program to deepen our partnership with the lash technicians who make up the Yegi family, and we’ve been growing it ever since! Our team welcomes lash technicians and salon owners who love the Yegi Beauty brand. We want you to apply for our ambassador program if you truly believe in our products. If you’re passionate about Yegi products, provide excellent services, and encourage your followers to buy from Yegi Beauty, you may have what it takes to be one of our ambassadors!

How you become a Yegi Beauty brand ambassador is simple: you just need to submit a form to our Ambassador Coordinator. Then, they can follow up with a few questions and assess your fabulous fit!

What Are The Perks?

If you’re a good fit for the beauty brand ambassador position, you get some awesome benefits in exchange! With your unique promo code, you can give your followers a chance to buy Yegi Beauty products at amazingly low prices. You even get a personalized discount code for 30% off everything you buy for yourself!

We’ll send you a welcome email that explains all the details of becoming a Yegi Ambassador. Once you learn how to become a Yegi Beauty brand ambassador, you’ll never look back!

How Do You Apply?

You can find the application to be a Yegi Ambassador for Yegi Beauty on the Brand Ambassador page. Simply fill out the online form, and the Ambassador Coordinator will reach out with some quick questions for you to answer. Your answers will help us assess whether or not you’re a good fit for our brand! Once you answer all our questions, feel free to reach out with any questions you might have.

Join Our Ambassador Program

beauty brand ambassador photoshoot

Now that you know how to become a Yegi Beauty brand ambassador, it’s time to apply! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about your role. We love to hear from potential ambassadors and help guide them along the path to success. 

Ready to get started? Apply today!

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