Want to be part of the team?

The Yegi Beauty Ambassador Program is an exclusive membership to our first-class supporters who are experienced lash artists and are passionate about promoting eyelash extension artistry. We are looking to support lash artists who have strong and ambitious business goals, ready to share favorited and trusted products with other lash artists and expand their social media presence!

 We are looking for lash artists who....

  • Love using and talking about Yegi Beauty products
  • Keep up on industry news, trends, and products
  • Are committed to sharing reliable and consistent content with their social media following 
  • Currently have and/or want to grow an engaged following on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Pinterest
  • Have been lashing full time for at least at least 6 months
  • Don't mind giving constructive criticism, asking questions, writting reviews and providing suggestions to help grow the brand 


What you can expect: 

  • Personalized discount code for followers and an exclusive ambassador discount code
  • Earn and track commission made from purchases that use your discount code
  • Special-made Ambassador Kit sent every 3 months with Yegi’s favorite products to share online 
  • Be featured on the Yegi Beauty Instagram
  • Attend Yegi Ambassador Virtual Parties all about social media and product knowledge 
  • Earn points by submitting your ambassador posts and cash them in for custom rewards
  • Know about and try new products before they are released

Activities you will be responsible for: 

  • Submit a minimum of two Instagram feed and four story posts a month through your brand ambassador portal. The more you do, the more points and rewards you earn. 
  • Approved posts must follow all set requirements (tag, hashtags, etc.) Don't worry, we will give you details of what you will need to do. 
  • "@YegiBeauty Ambassador" must be added to your bio
  • Social media account must be public
  • For more details on your ambassador requirements, review terms and conditions when applying


Want more info on what it takes to be a Yegi Beauty Ambassador? Submit the form below to our Ambassador Coordinator for early access to when you can apply!


Please do not hesitate to ask the Yegi Beauty team any questions you may have!
Remember, team work makes the dream work!