LOVE YEGI and Her Lashes? 

The Yegi Beauty Ambassador Program was established over a year ago and has been growing rapidly since! If you find yourself, as a lash technician, a sole believer of the Yegi Beauty brand and all it has to offer, then take that next step by inquiring on how to become a Yegi Ambassador. With a few questions, we can assess on the fabulous fit between our brand as well as you as a lash artist! 
Once you're settled in, the Ambassador Program shines with awesome benefits! You will be given a unique promo code as well as a separate discount code for 30% off for your own purchases. The promo code is an opportunity for you to make 10% commission every month. Your welcome e-mail will have all the deets!
The coolest factor is that the area you reside in doesn't affect your chances, but rather creates a unique environment for you to make as many sales as possible every month. 
Please do not hesitate to ask the Yegi Beauty team any questions you may have!
Remember, team work makes the dream work!