How to Properly Care for Your Lash Extensions

How to Properly Care for Your Lash Extensions

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Understanding the best approach to lash extension care is the key to long-lasting, beautiful lashes. Fortunately, learning how to care for lash extensions is a breeze! As long as you follow some basic guidelines, you should have no problem maintaining your extensions, and eventually, it’ll become just another step in your regular beauty regimen.

Follow these ten simple tips to keep your eyelash extensions looking gorgeous and your natural lashes healthy!


1. Give Them Time to Dry

After your treatment, the glue will need some time to set. If you’re using Yegi lash adhesive, you’ll be good to go in just two hours! However, if your lash technician uses another brand, the drying time can take 24 hours, or in some cases as long as 48. After your session, always ask your lash artist about lash extension care specific to the products they used. That way there’s no confusion.

During this drying period, do your best to leave your lashes alone. While it’s normal for some eyelashes to fall out here and there, you don’t want to put any unnecessary stress on them. During the drying period, don’t rub your eyes, wash your face, or do any sort of activity that could dislodge the freshly glued extensions.

2. Handle with Care

Once your lashes have dried, they won’t be as prone to falling out. However, you still want to be gentle with them. A big part of lash extension care is simply not pulling or rubbing them! It may seem obvious, but if you have a habit of rubbing your eyes, try to keep your hands away. As a general rule of thumb, just remember that they’re there, and don’t apply any sort of physical pressure to them.

Using eyelash curlers is a big no-no! While it might be tempting to add some extra curl, using a curler can actually damage both the extensions and your natural lashes, and nobody wants that. As you learn about the proper methods for lash extension care, you’ll find that most of these steps are simply avoiding things that could damage them. In other words, learning how to care for lash extensions is easy!

If you do decide you want a curlier look, have your lash artist replace them with extensions with more curl. For example, a C curl will have a more prominent curl than a B curl. You could also use our Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions for a more pronounced look. If you’re the type of person who likes to change their style regularly, you may want to use strip lashes instead of extensions.

3. Approach Mascara with Caution

Much like curling, you might be tempted to use mascara to push the look over the top. When clients ask about lash extension care, we generally recommend avoiding mascara altogether because it can cause clogs and clumps. That said, if you really want to use some, make sure it’s water-based and/or oil-free, and apply it conservatively.

4. Clean Them Daily

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To prevent your lashes from becoming infected or irritated, it’s so important that you wash them every day. You can simply wash them at the end of the day as part of your regular beauty routine. Only use an oil-free makeup remover or light, gentle soap—we recommend the Yegi foam cleanser.

5. Blot and Air Dry

Remember: A major part of proper lash extension care is simply not agitating the extensions! After you’re done washing them gently, don’t forget to also dry them equally gently. Use a soft paper towel or tissue to softly blot them to remove any residual moisture. After that, just give them a few minutes to air dry, and you’ll be good to go!

6. Brush Them as Desired

You don’t necessarily have to brush your lash extensions, but you certainly can if the mood strikes. Use a spoolie wand to gently contour the lashes to your liking. As always, be gentle. You don’t want to accidentally pull any extensions out. It’s normal for both natural lashes and extensions to fall out here and there, but you don’t want your lash extension care techniques to remove more than necessary.

7. Avoid Excessive Heat

When people ask about how to care for lash extensions, they’re often surprised that heat can actually cause lash extensions to lose their shape. It’s rare, but it’s still worth mentioning.

For example, if you’re getting a facial, make sure your esthetician knows to keep the steamer away from your extensions. If you spend any time in a sauna or steam room, just cover your eyes with a towel. If you’re baking in the kitchen, be careful when opening your oven.

8. Set a Touch Up Appointment

As long as you abide by these easy lash extension care tips, you shouldn’t need a touch-up until you’ve had your extensions for 2-4 weeks. At that time, you’ll want to call your lash artist for a follow-up visit. They’ll provide infills that replace any lashes that may have fallen out. This restores the extensions to their full splendor while also maintaining the health of your natural lashes.

9. Don’t Try to Remove Them

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If you decide that you’re ready to go back to natural lashes or get some new extensions, don’t attempt to remove your old extensions on your own, as you could easily damage your natural lashes. These lash extension care tips aren’t just for preserving the look of your extensions—they’re also for maintaining healthy natural lashes.

10. Get in Touch with Any Questions

The friendly experts here at Yegi Beauty would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for one-on-one guidance. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and recommend the right aftercare products for your needs. You can also browse our FAQ and watch this aftercare video for more tips from Yegi.

Using the best beauty supplies is the key to keeping your lashes looking amazing, so be sure to stock up! Follow these simple lash extension care tips, and shop quality salon essentials at Yegi Beauty!

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I liked that you pointed out that when it comes to eyelash extensions you want to avoid exposing them to a lot of heat. I had no idea that would affect the fake lashes. But it seems like it would be smart for me to get a professional to help with putting them on. I would totally mess up applying them myself.

Ivy Baker,

I have been thinking about getting eyelash extensions because I think they really help highlight people’s eyes, and it would be nice to cut down on the time it takes me to get ready in the morning. Thanks for mentioning that it’s super important to keep your eyelash extensions clean, so you should wash them every night. I will have to remember to do that if I get them so that I can keep them in good shape, and maybe ask the professional who does them what else I can do to keep them looking good.

Michaela Hemsley,

My fiance and I are getting married in about a month, and she is wanting to get eyelash extensions so that she can look her best for the bridal photoshoot that we have planned in a couple of weeks. You made a helpful tip when you explained that it is important to avoid heat that can causes lashes to lose their shape. I’ll be sure to tell my fiance that she’ll need to avoid excessive heat once she gets the extensions.

Thomas Clarence,

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