How to Remove Eyelash Extensions 101

lash technician learning how to remove eyelash extensions

lash technician learning how to remove eyelash extensions

As a lash technician, removing eyelash extensions is an essential part of your training. If you’ve already taken our Academy classes and you want a refresher before your next appointment, Yegi Beauty is happy to help! Follow our guide to learn how to remove eyelash extensions quickly and easily for your clients.

Table of Contents

  1. Tools
  2. Under Eye Pads
  3. Using Glue Remover
  4. Waiting
  5. Using Tweezers
  6. Cleaning Lashes
  7. More Cleanup
  8. Aftercare

1. Your Tools

Making sure you have the right tools is crucial for your lash removal process. Before you start this review of how to remove eyelash extensions, you must have the following products:

2. Placing Under Eye Pads

lash removal cotton pads under eyes

You should never start the lash removal process without first placing under-eye pads under your client’s eyes. This will protect the sensitive skin in that area from the remover liquid. The pad should be secure and come right up to the bottom lid. Placing the under eye pads correctly is the first step in learning how to remove lash extensions.

3. Using Glue Remover

At Yegi, we have several adhesive removing products that deliver powerful results. Choose from cream or gel removers. Dab a micro swab in the glue remover and apply it across the entire lash extension. Make sure to not double dip. Tip: To help with double dipping, put some remover in a glue ring to use for each client. Be sure not to get too close to the eyeline, since it could cause irritation to the client if it gets into the eye!

4. Now You Wait

Even though adhesive remover is strong, it still takes some time to work. Depending on the product you use, your timetable may be a little shorter or longer, but the average wait time for the remover to do its work is about five minutes.

Don’t fiddle with the lashes during this stage. Once the five minutes are up, you can continue with the next step of our guide to learn how to remove eyelash extensions.

5. Using Tweezers

lash technician working on a client

With the adhesive fully softened, you can start to remove the lashes with a lash wand and your tweezers for stubborn lashes. Be careful to pull gently so that you’re only tugging on the lash extensions and not your client’s real lashes.

6. Cleaning Lashes

Once most of the lash extensions are removed, you can clean up any remaining pieces with a lint-free gauze and warm water. You don’t want to leave any strays behind, so don’t skip this step when learning how to remove lash extensions.

6. More Cleanup

Now that all the lashes are gone, you want to rinse your client’s natural lashes as thoroughly as possible. You don’t want to leave your client’s eyes sticky with products that could cause irritation if left on too long. Use a lash wash to bath the lash and eye area. Finally, dry the wet lashes with a mini fan and brush them.

6. Aftercare

Client eyelashes can use a rejuvenating boost after you remove the extensions. Recommend keratin-infused products to bring their lashes back to their full glory with a little extra aftercare!

Time to Get Started!

Now that you’re refreshed on how to remove eyelash extensions, you can deliver a comfortable, soothing experience for your clients. But we do have one final tip for removing lashes! Make sure your client’s eyes are tightly closed throughout the whole removal process. You don’t want any irritation or pain during the appointment.

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