PERMANIA Eyelash Lifting Perming Keratin Kit | Review + Tutorial


PERMANIA Eyelash Lifting Perming Keratin Kit | Review + Tutorial

Lash Lift Tutorial and Review

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Hello all! We haven't posted an updated lash lifting tutorial in a while and wanted to test out the Permania Eyelash Lifting Perming Keratin Kit and show you the results! Until now, we primarily used the Dolly Lash Lifting Kit and wanted to see how this compared!

Permania Eyelash Lifting Perming Keratin Kit

Kit available on our website

Permania Eyelash Lifting Kit Includes:

Step 1 Lash Perming Lotion, Step 2 Lash Setting Lotion
Easy to Use. No Wastage and hygienic.Lovely long-lasting lash curves

Step 2 Lash Essence
Enhancing, conditioning, moisturizing and strengthening for lashes. Fixing function for the perfect curl effect

Lash Lifting Adhesive (5ml)
Specially-formulated clear non-toxin lifting adhesive.Quick and easy to use.Dissolves quickly with water

Keratin Boost (5.5ml)
Protects, strengthens and thickens natural eyelashes. Makes eyelashes more bright, shiny and healthy.

Lash Perm Rods
3 pairs of C curl (sizes S/M/L)
5 pairs of U curl (Sizes SS/M/L/LL)
4 pairs L curl (Sizes S/M/L/LL)

Magic wands (Lifting multi functional tool)


  • rubycelia Gonzalez

    Hola. Los quiero conoce

  • rachel

    like your product do you deliver it worldwide?

  • Karen

    I’m wondering at what point to you treat their lashes with the keratin serum. Before or after the final step? The instructions don’t make any reference to it. Thank you

  • Jackie

    I actually really enjoy this kit! I was just curious how long you have to wait before you can relift a client? I can’t find any of that information.

  • Mrs Ma

    Is there any shipping cost to Hong Kong?

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