What is an Eyelash Perm?

two women with lashes before and after lash lifts/perms

two women with lashes before and after lash lifts/perms

Nearly everyone is familiar with the benefits of a perm for your hair, but many people wonder what a perm does for your eyelashes. Yegi Beauty is here to guide you through the process! We can answer all your questions, from what an eyelash perm is to what to expect during the salon appointment.

The beauty industry is constantly looking for new ways to help people enhance their natural assets. Eyelash perms are one of the longest-lasting ways for people to intensify the beauty of their eyes.

Lash Lifts vs. Lash Perms

While we’re often asked what an eyelash perm is, many clients also wonder about lash lifts and which procedure is the best fit for them. A lash perm focuses on treating and curling the actual lashes, and a lash lift uses either similar chemicals or even keratin to lift the lashes up from their base. This achieves a full, dramatic look that many women swear by. Which one you choose depends on your lashes and preferences, so it’s best to ask a lash tech to get an expert opinion. For those who already have the know-how, check out our lash lift and perm kits to browse your options!

Why Get An Eyelash Perm?

If you’re tired of spending hours in the bathroom applying mascara and curling your lashes, an eyelash perm cuts out all the hassle! Tons of people struggle with stick-straight lashes that don’t do their eyes justice. With an eyelash perm, you get upturned lashes that offer several benefits, including:

  • Making your eyes look bigger
  • Granting you fuller-looking lashes
  • Getting that doe-eyed look

Stop asking “what is an eyelash perm?” and visit a salon to get the results you’re looking for!

How Do Perms Work On Your Lashes?

closeup image of curled lashes

When it comes to perming your hair, a stylist will use a chemical lotion to change the texture and shape of your hair. Sometimes, salons will use rollers and heat to create natural, long-lasting results. The theory behind an eyelash perm is the same — lashes are coated with perm cream to relax their natural texture and coax them into fuller curls.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to understand what an eyelash perm is:

  1. Lashes are covered with a special adhesive
  2. After they’re fully coated, the lashes are wrapped around mini rollers
  3. The salon aesthetician applies the perming solution
  4. Your lashes are wrapped in plastic wrap and allowed about five minutes to set
  5. To stop the perming process, a neutralizing solution is applied
  6. You sit for another five minutes with plastic wrap in place

...and that’s it! Usually, the perming process takes 45 minutes or less, although there is some variation among different salons. Some techs use a conditioning solution after your treatment to make your lashes soft and silky, while others offer an eyelash tint to maximize results. A few salons will even use heated clips on their rollers to help your lashes absorb the perm cream faster and speed up the process.

You can always call your local salon in advance and ask about the process and expected results before booking an appointment.

What to Expect From the Results

tinted and curled eyelashes

Depending on your salon, the products they use, and your own personal styling habits, your lash perm can last anywhere from one to three months. Since the lash life cycle generally takes 60 to 120 days, your permed lashes will eventually grow and fall out to be replaced with your natural lashes. Once your lashes are back to normal, you can book another appointment.

So what can an eyelash perm do for you? Watch as it shortens your morning prep time and does a better job highlighting your eyes than any combination of mascara, curling brushes, and volumizing serum ever could! Just three or four visits a year, and you can throw out all your lash curlers and never look back.

Are There Risks?

Though no salon procedure is without risks and eyelash perming is not yet FDA-approved, your salon professionals know how to protect you. The most common side effects of a lash perm include:

  • Minor irritation of the skin around your eyes/li>
  • Eyelash breakage if the solution is left on too long
  • Eyelash loss caused by the solution

Perming chemicals are incredibly strong and should only be used by professionals. After going over what an eyelash perm is going to look like at their salon specifically, talk to your stylist about your concerns and discuss whether a lash perm is right for you. If at any time during your appointment you feel discomfort, your stylist will know exactly what to do.

Other Downsides

Some people who underwent a lash perm weren’t ecstatic about the results. They noticed that the curl made their lashes look a little shorter. At Yegi Beauty, we recommend a consultation with a stylist to discuss whether an eyelash perm is the best solution for your goals. If you’re more focused on longer lashes, you may want to consider looking into extensions instead of exploring what an eyelash perm is.


water pouring down a woman’s eyelashes

Now that we’ve explained what an eyelash perm is, it’s time to talk about how to care for your lashes post-appointment.

Everyone who has seen Legally Blond knows exactly how to care for their hair perm. Well, eyelash perms are pretty much the same! To ensure your lash perm lasts as long as possible, you only need to follow two rules:

  • Don’t Wet Your Lashes for 24 Hours
  • Don’t Sleep On Your Face

At the Yegi Beauty salon, we offer lash perms in addition to our other services, so we know exactly what we’re talking about. Our experts also regularly instruct other stylists on how to apply perms properly through our academy classes.

Yegi Beauty Experts

We hope our team answered all your questions including what an eyelash perm is and what you can expect from your results. Whether you’re a salon professional or an everyday beauty lover, we want to hear from you!

Let us know what you think about our tutorials and products when you reach out today!

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