What to Know When You Apply Eyelash Extensions for Clients With Glasses

 A lash technician applying eyelash extensions on a client

A lash technician applying eyelash extensions on a client

Do you have a client interested in getting eyelash extensions with glasses? Even if you haven’t had a spectacled client visit your salon yet, it’s bound to happen eventually. So it’s best to be prepared! Clients can absolutely wear lash extensions with glasses, but it’s super important that you choose the right style, so the lashes don’t brush up against the lenses. Read on for tips to help you make an informed decision!

Tell the Client to Bring Their Glasses

First and foremost, make sure the client brings their glasses with them. That way, you can make sure the lashes fit before applying them. You should be able to hold up a lash to their eye and see if the combination of specific eyelash extensions with glasses will work out. To be on the safe side, have the client put on their glasses after you apply the first lash in the middle. 

Start by Choosing Short Lashes

Naturally, the easiest way to make sure the lash extensions aren’t touching the lenses is to choose short lashes! Start with lashes in the 6mm-11mm range, then move up from there if there’s still room (and the client wants longer lashes). Everyone’s facial structure is unique. And different glasses sit differently, so don’t assume that the best lashes for one client with glasses are guaranteed to work for the next.

Consider Something With a Strong Curl

A woman with closed eyes wearing eyelash extensions

When pairing eyelash extensions with glasses, length isn’t everything! In fact, you might be able to get away with using longer lashes if you choose a style with a strong curl—at least a C or D for basic curls, or a DD, D+, or CC for mega volume curls. When finding the perfect pair of lash extensions with glasses, dramatic curls can really add a big look that goes up, instead of out!

Focus on the Outer Sections of the Eyes

Lashes in the middle of the eye will naturally stick out further than lashes on the sides. For that reason, you may want to create a more dramatic look on the sides and keep it shorter around the middle. 

For example, when approaching eyelash extensions with glasses, you could create a cat eye effect by starting with short lashes on the inside of the eyes, and then fanning them into longer lashes on the outer corner of the eyes, where the glasses are less likely to come into contact with them.

Contact Us to Learn More

Hopefully, these tips help keep your glasses-wearing clients delighted with their lash extensions! Before the appointment, you may want to recommend that they use larger nose pads on their glasses, so you have a little extra room to work with, especially if they want a big, bold look. But of course, that’s not usually necessary. 

As long as you take your time and choose the right set, applying eyelash extensions with glasses should be a breeze! If lash extensions aren’t working out for a client, you could always consider recommending a lash lift.

We’re here to support you and your career. If you have any questions about pairing lash extensions with glasses, please feel free to contact us so we can recommend the perfect set. You can find more helpful tips and tutorials in our blog and FAQ. Shop high-quality lash tech supplies at Yegi Beauty!

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