Where There's Taping There's Lashes

Where There's Taping There's Lashes

So, let's paint this scenario.You have bought your fabulous Yegi Lashes extensions that are now in arm's reach, and you have a fabulous client ready to look good, feel good, and be unstoppable with your amazing technique. Sounds fabulous right?

Let's not get carried away just yet (but, I don't blame you, eyelash extensions tend to have that effect on you and me both). 

It's important to break down the taping that's going to make the experience successful for both the lash tech as well as the client. 

By keeping it short and sweet, I created a quick yet detailed video showing my process with the Yegi Lashes Application Tools & Supplies.

Check out the video by clicking here and be sure to leave questions in the Comments section! 


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