Which Eyelash Extension Kits Should Your Salon Stock?

beauty salon setup

beauty salon setup

You run a full-service salon, and people are lining up to get eyelash extensions. Whether you’ve had this service for a while or you just added it to your lineup, there are tons of extension kits to choose from. With all these options, it can be tough to figure out the best professional eyelash extension kit for your lash technicians to stock.

Luckily, Yegi Beauty is here with the best eyelash extension and lift kits around. Let us guide you through our selection to learn about the pros and cons of each kit!

1. Classic & Volume Lash Kit

There’s nothing you can do without a basic extension starter kit that includes all the tools you need for both Classic and Volume lashes! This is one of the best professional eyelash extension kits for any salon because it comes with practically everything you need, including:

  • Travel Case
  • Adhesive
  • Primer
  • Tweezers
  • Cream Remover
  • Under Eye Patches
  • Tape
  • Micro Brushes
  • Lash Wands
  • Glue Rings

It even comes with three of our most popular extension trays! Get our Premade Lash Fan Tray with synthetic mink lashes, the Faux Mink Mix Tray, and the Mega Volume Tray with this kit.

2. Tweezer Set

eight-piece lash extension tweezer kit

No lash technician is ready without their tweezer set. Yegi Beauty offers both classic and volume tweezer sets to complete your lash extension kits. Why are these tweezers so special? With our variety of shapes and sizes, your technicians will have no trouble grabbing lashes from their tray and applying them to clients quickly, easily, and gently! Even the best professional eyelash extension kit isn’t complete without the right tweezers to get the job done.

3Dolly Perm & Lift Kit

Not every client is interested in getting eyelash extensions, and that’s OK. Yegi Beauty has kits designed to nourish and enhance the natural lashes! The Dolly Perm & Lift Kit offers your lash technicians a simple, three-step treatment process that includes perming, setting, and nourishing lotions, as well as glue and silicone pads. Use this kit to lift and curl a client’s natural lashes for a bombshell look that lasts for days!

4. Permania Keratin Kit

keratin lash perming kit

Are you looking for the best eyelash lift kit that can be used on extensions? The Permania Keratin Kit is the answer! This kit offers a perming and lifting treatment that technicians can use on both natural lashes and extensions. With a three-step process similar to the Dolly Kit, Permania also has perming, setting, and nourishing liquids. The extra step in this kit is the keratin boost gel that gives lashes a little bit of extra strength.

Which Do You Get?

At Yegi Beauty, we love to help salons keep their businesses running, so we know exactly what your lash technicians need to keep their clients happy. We are proud to recommend each and every single one of these kits to meet your every need. Shop the best professional eyelash extension kits in our store today and enjoy amazing discounts, friendly customer service, and detailed tutorials that teach you how to use each kit.

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