Lash Foam Cleanser Set

Lash Foam Cleanser Set

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Eyelash Foam Cleanser

Whether it’s a lash wash or a lash bath, cleaning your lashes properly is essential. You want your eyelashes to stay healthy and strong, but you also want to keep your eyes healthy, too. Using our Lash Foam Cleanser daily will ensure that the bacteria pH in and around your eyes stays in balance.

Cleanser Benefits

Yegi's gentle Lash Foam Cleanser refreshes your extensions and fortifies your natural eyelashes. It’s packed with herbal ingredients that clean and remove potentially harmful bacteria, makeup, and allergens from your eye area. Your lashes are left clean, fresh, and healthy.

We specially formulated this Eyelash Foam Cleanser for eyelash extensions! It’s gentle on all styles and is completely oil-free.

Using the Cleanser

You can use this foaming cleanser as part of your lash extension services or recommend it to clients to buy for home use. We sell them individually and in packs of five and ten. However you choose to purchase it, using this cleanser is quick and easy.


Press out 1-2 pumps of foam and gently cleanse your lashes from root to tip, cleaning them with the soft brush provided in the cleaning kit. Rinse your eye area with water to remove all residue of the foam.

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