Yegi Banana Glue

Yegi Banana Glue

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We went a little bananas, and we think you should too! With this banana-scented lash glue, you and your customers can enjoy a more relaxing lash application experience. No more glue fume smells to distract you from your work!

What is Banana Eyelash Glue?

Similar to our Yegi Mega Hold Adhesive, the Banana Eyelash Glue has a fast-drying effect. It dries in only one second! Use this glue to enjoy the efficiency of a fast lash application process and maximum hold. Even better, the banana smell eliminates the glue fume scent, improving every client’s experience.

How to Use Our Banana Lash Glue

Please follow all of our instructions and recommendations carefully to ensure you get the best possible results:

  1. Shake the bottle well before each use
  2. Change out your glue every 10 minutes
  3. Store at room temperatures of no more than 72 degrees
  4. Store the glue between 30-70% humidity
  5. Store this product away from any glue removers and bonders

The shelf life of our Banana Eyelash Glue is 6 months unopened and up to 3 months after opened (if stored properly at all times). This glue is vegan and cruelty, latex, and formaldehyde-free, with no animal products or testing!

Shop this glue at Yegi Beauty and enjoy the soothing, tropical scent of bananas at your next lash appointment!

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