G-Line Tweezer / G-10 / Long Curved & Angled

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G-10 - Curved & Angled | Long

Boot Tweezer - perfect for volume lashing. These tweezers have been perfectly calibrated so that the entire boot of the tweezers is the sweet spot. Perfect tension from tip to heel allows you to grab, shape, and place your volume fans with ease.

Don’t forget to buy a tweezer case to keep all your favorite lash extension tweezers cozy!

Each of these lash extension tweezers meet the needs of a variety of different clients’ lashes and lash extension styles. Discover which configurations are best for your salon’s needs.


G-Line Tweezer Selection

You can replace just one of your current tweezers with one of our new G-Line styles, or you can swap out your entire lineup! Several different types of G-Line tweezers are available, including:

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