Magnifying Floor Lamp
Magnifying Floor Lamp
Magnifying Floor Lamp
Magnifying Floor Lamp

Magnifying Floor Lamp

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This LED Magnifying Lamp is perfect for all your lashing needs. It is designed with a bright light and a high magnification glass to ease your focus. The adjustable arm allows easy maneuvering for perfect placement.

  •  Function:
    • The light produces incandescent light, which is illuminated to the skin and magnified via convex lens so that the pore tissue on the skin is clear seen. Beautician may use the magnifying glass to assist in viewing small details.
    • LED light with over 550 lumens of bright cool white light. These low consumption LEDs give no glare and stays cool for hours.
  • Operation directions and procedures:
    • Assemble the stand and return pipe.
    • Insert the luminescent magnifier to the return pipe.
    • Turn the light base to the desired position. Press the power switch to turn on the power.
  • Precautions:
    • Gently adjust the movable arm.
    • The light base can be turned up to 180°, otherwise the power cord may be damaged
  • Product Details:
    • Rating voltage: 110V/60Hz
    • Rating power: 7W
    • 3 diopter, 6.8 x 4.2" glass lens with 1.75 x magnification 
    • 42 LEDs
    • Electric shock proof protection

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