Magnifying Floor Lamp

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This LED magnifying floor lamp is perfect for all your lashing needs. It’s designed with a bright light and a high magnification glass to ease your focus. The adjustable arm allows easy maneuvering for perfect placement. Deliver amazing results every time with this high-quality floor lamp with magnifying glass!


  • The light produces incandescent light, which is illuminated to the skin and magnified via a convex lens so that the pore tissue on the skin can be seen clearly. Beauticians may use the magnifying glass to assist in viewing small details.
  • LED light with over 550 lumens of bright, cool, white light. The low-consumption LEDs in this magnifying floor lamp give no glare and stay cool for hours.

Operation Directions and Procedures:

  • Assemble the stand and return pipe.
  • Insert the luminescent magnifier into the return pipe.
  • Turn the light base to the desired position.
  • Press the power switch to turn on the power.


  • Adjust the movable arm gently.
  • The light base can be turned up to 180°; otherwise, the power cord may be damaged.

Product Details:

  • Rating voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • Rating power: 7W
  • 3 diopter, 6.8 x 4.2" glass lens with 1.75x magnification
  • 42 LEDs
  • Electric shock-proof protection

***This magnifying floor lamp is unable to ship to some locations. Please email for more info.***

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