Private One-On-One Eyelash Extensions Certification Course

Private One-On-One Eyelash Extensions Certification Course

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Private Lessons with Yegi Academy Certified Lash Artists

In this private, one-on-one course, you'll learn about eyelash extensions theory, products, client consultations, eyelash extension application, removal, hands-on practice, taking before-and-after pictures, business training, marketing, and much more.

You will be taught by a Yegi Certified Educator – we only give this title to those Yegi has taught and trained personally to be an educator, to ensure that they know the proper techniques and skills in order to make you the best eyelash extension technician possible!

  • Scheduling depends on you and our Yegi Certified Educators’ availability
  • Private One-on-One Training is currently available in California (based in Los Angeles, CA).
  • Private training requiring extensive travel can be arranged! Please email to inquire about additional costs.
  • Please contact us at with a date in mind to schedule your one-on-one training.
  • If you found this page and are interested in becoming an educator for Private one-on-one training and other courses, please email for that separate program. 

**All students who get certified are always welcome to come back for additional practice and/or support if needed free of cost! Please email to make these arrangements**

Payment Plans Available:

  • Classic & Volume Course Required Deposit: $750.00
  • Classic or Volume Only Course Required Deposit: $550.00 
  • Remaining balance split into six monthly payments
  • All payment plans include an additional $50 set up fee 
  • EMAIL to inquire and set up the plan!
  • Physical certificate given once full balance paid.

Yegi Academy: What Can You Expect From Our Private 1 on 1 training?

Our courses are designed to introduce you to the world of eyelash extensions and allow you to grow in your journey moving forward! Our private training includes but is not limited to the topics listed below. We can customize the course to fit your individual needs & your focus.

Classic & Volume Combo Course:

Classic Course:

Topics that will be covered:

  • New Client Forms
  • Business Tips
  • Theory On Classic, Hybrid & Volume Sets
  • Characteristics of Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyelash Extension Application Shapes
  • Consultations & Roleplay
  • Pulling Lashes
  • Isolation
  • Application
  • Eyelash Removal
  • Working On A Live Model
  • Useful Tips & Tricks From Your Educator

Our courses are designed with you in mind. With access to videos prior and after class we help save you time and money and get you the most hands on time during class. 

Volume Course:

  • Business Tips
  • Pre Made and Hand Made Fans
  • Volume Terminology
  • Difference between 2D, 5D, 7D…
  • Consultations & Roleplay
  • Mapping
  • Using Pre-Made Fans
  • Creating Hand Made Fans
  • Working On a Live Model
  • Useful Tips & Tricks From Your Educator

 We can customize each course to YOU and your needs! 

Class Kit:

*Some items are subject to change with similar items if we are out-of-stock at the time. But don't worry; the replacement item will either be of equal value, or an upgrade!*

*Kit includes all the tools and supplies you need to work on clients.*

Yegi Large Travel Case  $     59.99
Magnifying Glasses  $     34.99
Magnetic Lash pad
 $     19.99
Yegi Premium Adhesive (5mL)  $     29.99
Yegi Primer (15ml)  $     12.99
Yegi Under Eye Patches (10pk)  $       6.95
Yegi Cream Remover (20ml)  $     18.25
Yegi Tweezers: G-7, Y-5, F-1 (3 Total)  $     56.97
White Tape  $       2.50
Clear Tape  $       2.50
Lash Wands  (20pk)  $       3.50
Micro Brushes (20pk)  $       2.50
Glue Rings (20pk)  $       4.00
Premade Lash Tray (Faux/Synthetic Mink)  $     19.95

Faux/Synthetic Mink Classic 0.15 C 10-15mm (Mix Tray)
 $     14.99

Faux/Synthetic Mink Volume 0.07 C 10-15mm (Mix Tray)
 $     14.99
Mega Volume 0.05 C+ 10-15mm (Mix Tray) (Faux/Synthetic Mink)  $     34.99
Doll Head   $     29.99
Practice Lashes   $       6.99
Fan  $     17.99
Lash Wash  $     23.99
Kit Value  $   423.00


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