Ambassador Program

Application link will be available here on March 8th, once all of our early access submissions are reviewed. Check back soon!

The Yegi Beauty brand ambassador program is an exclusive membership to our first-class supporters who are influencers in their community and are passionately engaged in promoting eyelash extension artistry.

We are looking for loyal and ambitious lash artists to become a part of the Yegi Beauty Brand Ambassador Program! We not only want you to share our passion for eyelash extensions, but to represent the Yegi Beauty family and become a lashing inspiration for others!

Responsibilities and Requirements

As a Yegi Beauty brand ambassador, you are expected to promote Yegi Beauty throughout your community and social media platforms. You will provide us with photos and videos of you using Yegi Beauty lashes and products featuring your skilled artistry. We want you to share your inspirations and enthusiasm with our growing and like-minded community.

Yegi Beauty brand ambassadors are expected to actively participate in marketing our brand online with your own skill sets, and the exclusive tools delivered to you from us. This entails generating social media content to engage your audience and start a conversation!

As an ambassador, it is important to be knowledgeable on the Yegi Beauty brand in every aspect – from sharing specific product details, to showcasing hands-on use of our eyelash extensions and tools. We encourage you to come to us with as many questions you may have so you can be an expert in Yegi Beauty!

Benefits of the Yegi Beauty Ambassador Program

 Support and Promotion

  • Share your talent across our community and in exchange for your support and content, we will be here to guide you and promote your skills as our ambassador. We want to help you grow within the beauty industry and our efforts in promoting your influential artistry will not subside.

Free Product and Exclusive Discount Codes and MORE

  • We will provide you with the tools you need to expand your knowledge on the Yegi Beauty brand with free product, exclusive details on new product launches, one-on-one support with the Yegi Beauty Team, and personalized promo codes for you to share via social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) Join us for ambassador-excusive virtual parties where we discuss upcoming ambassador campaigns, new products, and answer any of your questions!

Commission on Personalized Discount Code

  • Your earning potential is endless! After sharing your exclusive discount code, every purchase made from others using your code – you will earn a commission percentage on their purchase as long as you remain an ambassador. You will also have your own promo code to use to keep stock of all your favorite Yegi Beauty products for 30% off!! *Exclusions apply on promo codes. Follower code and partner code are only eligible for use on Yegi branded products and exclude training courses and kits.

Online Marketing Specific Requirements:

  • Two feed posts per month, in addition to four story posts per month is the required activity minimum. Four feed posts per month in addition to eight story posts per month (think of it as two story posts per week) are highly encouraged in order to maximize your influence on your following. These posts must all contain a Yegi Beauty tag, mention, and specified hashtags.
  • YouTube and other social media platforms, aside from Instagram have similar posting requirements. If you are interested in being an ambassador on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, or TikTok, please follow the above requirements for posting.
  • Applications are reviewed based on quality of social media content, post frequency, follower engagement, and potential cohesiveness with Yegi Beauty brand. Not all applications are subject to approval.
  • Notate your ambassador status in your bio (“@yegibeauty Ambassador”) and share current information about the brand with your community.
  • Look out for emails and messages from our Ambassador Program Coordinator on new hashtags, photo styles, and products we would like to highlight.
  • Posts can contain non-competitive products to the Yegi Beauty Brand. Acceptable: Non-lash related cosmetics, lash cart tools/accessories. Not acceptable: Lash products from other lash brands (adhesives, primers, extensions, tools, etc.) Please do not tag other brands when posting for Yegi Beauty. Posts made with other lash brand tags will not count towards your ambassador requirements. Be respectful and endorse Yegi Beauty in a positive manner with inspirational content!
  • If accepted into the Yegi Beauty Ambassador Program, you are not limited to only posting Yegi Beauty content.
  • Share your personalized promo code with your community and receive commission each time the code is used for a purchase! One time use per code, per person.
  • Your lash social media account must be public. Please do not change your username/channel name without notifying our Ambassador Program Coordinator.
  • Failure to meet any of the minimum monthly requirements will result in termination. Please communicate with us if you find difficulty in posting regularly.

How to Become a Yegi Beauty Brand Ambassador

So, you want to be a Yegi Beauty Brand Ambassador? We are excited to hear from you! Please submit the following form below. This will be submitted directly to our Ambassador Program Coordinator for consideration in joining our tribe.
  •   You must include direct links to your social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.)