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Our student lash kit is perfect for anyone getting started in the beauty industry. It comes with all of the tools and supplies you’ll need to start your new career as a lash technician. Buying this student lash extension kit is a great way to save time and money instead of buying individual products, and you can always depend on Yegi Beauty for the highest quality professional supplies in the industry.

The Classic Student Lash Extension Kit Includes:

ITEM Qty Price
Yegi Large Travel Case 1 $59.99
Yegi Beauty Tweezers - G-7, G-9, G-10 3 $83.97
Yegi Tweezer case 1 $14.99
Yegi Under Eye Patches (10pk) 1 $6.95
Lash Wands (50pk) 1 $7.99
Glue Rings (20pk) 1 $4.00
Clear tape 1 $2.50
White tape 1 $2.50
Micro-Brushes (100pk) 1 $5.99
Bumble Bee Fan
1 $19.99
Yegi Premium Adhesive (10ml) 1 $44.99
Yegi Primer (15ml) 1 $12.99
Yegi Gel Remover (15ml) 1 $10.99
Faux/Synthetic Mink 0.12 C 10-15mm (Mix Tray)
1 $14.99
Faux/Synthetic Mink 0.15 C 6-9mm (Mix Tray)
1 $14.99
Faux/Synthetic Mink 0.15 C 10-15mm (Mix Tray)
1 $14.99
Faux/Synthetic Mink 0.15 C 16-18mm (Mix Tray)
1 $14.99
Faux/Synthetic Mink 0.15 D 6-9mm (Mix Tray)
1 $14.99
Faux/Synthetic Mink 0.15 D 10-15mm (Mix Tray)
1 $14.99
Faux/Synthetic Mink 0.15 D 16-18mm (Mix Tray)
1 $14.99
Faux/Synthetic Mink 0.15 L 10-15mm (Mix Tray)
1 $17.88
Matte Flat 0.18 C 10-15mm (Mix Tray) (Faux/Synthetic Mink) 1 $26.99
Matte Flat 0.18 D 10-15mm (Mix Tray) (Faux/Synthetic Mink) 1 $26.99
Brown Lashes 0.15 C 9-14mm (Mix Tray) (Faux/Synthetic Mink) 1 $15.99
Pre-Made Lash Fans Tray 5D / C / 10mm (Faux/Synthetic Mink) 1 $19.95
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Be Your Own Boss

As a lash tech, you have a lot to look forward to! The beauty industry is so fun and flexible, and it can be very profitable if you put in the work. This lash kit will put you on the path to success — just sign up for a Yegi Beauty lash class to get started. Once you have your cosmetology license (if required in your state), you can start performing services immediately. You’ll have permanent access to all training materials, as well as a 20% discount on all Yegi products!

We’re Here to Help You Thrive

We’d love to guide you on your journey, so don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason. Using professional supplies empowers you to perform your best work, so stock up on essentials today. We’ll even cover US shipping on all purchases over $100! Order this top-quality lash kit now to start this exciting new chapter in your life or add new services to your salon.

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