Large Eyelash Inspection Mirror

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Check your work from every angle with a high-quality eyelash mirror from Yegi Beauty. While traditional mirrors are helpful, it’s important that you also use a specialized eyelash extension mirror so you can really see the fine details of your work and make corrections if needed. Choose between right and left-handed models — we also have an eye-shaped version available.

Perform Your Best Work

These mirrors are super helpful for making sure the lash top line is even. They also make it easy to check that the client’s lashes aren’t sticking to the tape or under-eye pads. You can even use them to take gorgeous photos of your finished work for promotional purposes. Without an eyelash mirror, it’s easy to miss small blunders. Make sure the results are always clean and pristine so your clients keep coming back for more!

Save on Premium Beauty Supplies at Yegi Beauty

Quality application tools lead to quality results and happy clients. Here at Yegi Beauty, we’re passionate about uplifting each and every member of our community, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this eyelash extension mirror or any of our products. Orders $100+ include free US shipping, so stock up on all of the tools and supplies you need. Get a great deal on a professional eyelash mirror at Yegi Beauty!

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