Eyelash Pillow- Memory foam pillow

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Our eyelash pillow keeps your client’s head elevated at just the right level so you can perform your best work. It also keeps them comfy, cozy, and relaxed so they have a stress-free experience every time. Whether you prefer a black, grey, purple, or pink lash pillow, you can be sure that these amazing Yegi pillows meet our high standards. Accept no substitutes!

Elevate Your Workspace

When you’re working for yourself, it’s so important to consider each visit from your client’s point of view. After all, if they’re not 100% happy, the boss is to blame—and that’s you! This eyelash pillow is just one example of a little detail that makes a big difference. Be sure to browse all of our space and setup supplies to make sure that your workspace is welcoming and professional.


We Want to Help You Thrive

You’re here, and that means you’re part of the Yegi family. Our goal is to help you look good so we look good, too! Everyone wins. As always, if you have any questions about our lashes, our tools, our classes, or anything else under the sun, feel free to contact us. The products you use matter, so pick up this lashing pillow (and a few spares) today. Get the best deals on professional supplies at Yegi Beauty!


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