G-Line Tweezer / G-7 / Straight Edge
G-Line Tweezer / G-7 / Straight Edge

G-Line Tweezer / G-7 / Straight Edge

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G-7 - Straight Edge

The streamlined light-weight isolation tweezer for your classic lashing and isolation needs.  Reduces hand fatigue and increases comfort through lash application with a silky smooth grip.  Longer than our standard straight tweezers, these are beautifully balanced and feature a perfectly tapered tip.  Ideal for isolating, classic lashing, and removing lash strips from the case.

Don’t forget to buy a tweezer case to keep all your favorite lash extension tweezers cozy!

Each of these lash extension tweezers meet the needs of a variety of different clients’ lashes and lash extension styles. Discover which configurations are best for your salon’s needs.


G-Line Tweezer Selection

You can replace just one of your current tweezers with one of our new G-Line styles, or you can swap out your entire lineup! Several different types of G-Line tweezers are available, including:

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