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Give your clients that mega volume look with our brand new 8D Pre-Made Volume Fans! 

Not only will our Pre-Made Fans Lashes give your clients an ultra-soft and light look, but they are also vegan and cruelty-free! Our lashes are super easy to apply, and you can expect long-lasting results that will keep your clients coming back.

Yegi Premade Lash Fans (2D-9D) are designed for easy application of volume eyelash extensions. They’re heat bonded, latex-free, and uniquely designed to deliver exceptional volume and fullness. They can be used to create a natural, full, or dramatic look based on the thickness of the fan selected. If you desire a more natural look, purchase the 2D. If you’re going for a more dramatic style, select the 9D.

Customize the Look

We’re proud to offer a huge selection of eyelash extensions in various styles and sizes. We’ve selected these premade volume fans to be made with either .05,.07,.10, or .15 thickness based on our experience with clients. The 2D are made of .15 lashes, 3D/4D are made of .10 lashes, and the 5D/6D are made of .07 lashes, 7D/8D/9D are made of .05 lashes. We have premade lash fans in Curls B, C, and D and lengths from 8mm-18mm.

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