Realistic Mannequin Doll Training Head for Extensions and Makeup

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Our realistic mannequin doll head is a useful tool for new and experienced lash technicians alike. Pair it with one of our student kits and you’ll have everything you need to start a new career in the beauty industry! Even the most skilled and experienced lash techs need to practice, so this lash mannequin head is a gift that keeps on giving. As an added bonus, you can also use it for practicing makeup application!

Be Your Own Boss

Here at Yegi Beauty, we carry everything you need to become a lash tech, but that’s not all. Besides offering professional lashes and essential tools like this eyelash extension mannequin doll head, we make it easy for you to get certified through our online classes and on-site classes. If you’re itching to join the movement, we’d love to have you! When you work for yourself, nobody’s the boss but you.

Let Us Help You Thrive

Ready for your next big glow up? We’re here to help you thrive! The supplies you use make a huge difference in your short and long-term success. Fortunately, we only sell top-of-the-line beauty supplies that you can depend on. Questions? Contact us now. Work for yourself or add new services to your salon. Get started with this mannequin doll head, available now at Yegi Beauty!