Yegi Matte Flat 2.0 (Ellipse) | 0.07
Yegi Matte Flat 2.0 (Ellipse) | 0.07

Yegi Matte Flat 2.0 (Ellipse)

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Our flat lash extensions are perfect for clients who love the look of eyelash extensions, but not the shine. These ellipse lash extensions have a matte design so they don’t reflect light. They’re also flat at the base and tapered at the tips. This design choice allows them to bond perfectly to the natural eyelashes for longer-lasting results. The shape also delivers fluffier lashes than other styles. They’re 100% cruelty-free and latex-free.

Offer More Services at Your Salon

Your business will only thrive if you’re providing quality services for your customers. Even if you already offer lash extensions, clients appreciate having the option to choose flat lash extensions. Expanding your service menu with new beauty supplies is a fantastic way to keep them excited and coming back again and again. Here at Yegi Beauty, we make it easy for you to keep growing as a lash artist, even if you’re on a tight budget.

We Want to Help You Thrive

Whether you’re starting a new career or expanding your services menu, you can always count on Yegi Beauty to help you on your journey—every step of the way! Our lash classes empower you to learn new skills and become your own boss, and our students enjoy a lifetime 20% discount on all Yegi Beauty products. If you have any questions about these flat lash extensions, please contact us now. Save on quality ellipse lash extensions today!

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