Lash Extension Removal Technique | Yegi Beauty Cream Adhesive Remover

Lash Extension Removal Technique | Yegi Beauty Cream Adhesive Remover

Hello Beautiful!

Recently we had a client come in who was scheduled for a fill, but we had to actually end up removing the lashes because the previous salon she went to caused her lashes to clump together and the lashes she had on were way too heavy! 

The video we will link below doesn’t show that client, but shows you how to remove a good amount of eyelash extensions with ease!

Sometimes our clients come in with a desperate need to remove eyelash extensions or they just want to remove them to get a fresh set. Either way, our Yegi Cream Adhesive Remover has the perfect thick consistency to remove your client’s eyelash extensions.

We take you step by step on how to set up the lashes to avoid getting any of it in the eyes. Since our Yegi Beauty cream adhesive is really thick, you will find it really easy to use and control on the eyes. 

We will link the video and the Yegi Beauty Cream Adhesive Remover below so you can get more tips and tricks on how to use our Yegi Beauty Cream Adhesive Remover in detail!

Link to the video:


Yegi Cream Adhesive Remover

Yegi Cream Adhesive Remover:

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