How to Get a Strip Eyelash Look | Eyelash Extensions Tutorial

Hello beautifuls!

Today we bring you a tutorial on how to create that false eyelash look! A big reason some clients are hesitant about coming over to the lash extension side is because they love the look false eyelashes give! 

Your client may come in and really want to stick with lash extensions, but if they can't get that same look, they may not come back! In our latest tutorial we use our mega volume eyelash extensions to teach you a few tips and tricks on how to create that look for your client!

Products used are linked below <3

Mega Volume Lashes
Mink 18mm Lashes for long false eyelash pieces at the end: 
Premium Glue
Glue rings
Y-5 and Y-2 tweezers

White Tape

Clear Tape

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