Flat EyeLash Extensions | Classic Matte Look Using Yegi Flat Lashes

Flat EyeLash Extensions | Classic Matte Look Using Yegi Flat Lashes

Hello lovelies!

In this massive world full of eyelash extensions, there is one type that we always get tons of questions about - FLAT EYELASH EXTENSIONS!

I know you thought I was going to say Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions - which are fabulous as well and you can find a link to below #shamelessplug - but nope! Flat Lashes have intrigued you guys and we have created a whole tutorial explaining what they are, and how to apply them!

If you have any additional questions about the flat eyelash extensions, let us know in the comments on the video - linked below!

Link to the video:


Link to our Yegi Beauty Flat Eyelash Extensions:


Our Lash Cleanser Set:


Our Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions:



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