Extensions for Light Eyelashes | Classic Lash Extension Tutorial

Extensions for Light Eyelashes | Classic Lash Extension Tutorial

 One of the most common questions we get is what eyelashes to use for the clients who have thinner or light eyelashes, or who are just more fair in general!

We have slowly started to roll out our brown eyelash extensions from our mink line and have a new classic eyelash extension tutorial out for you guys using them!

Brown Eyelash Extensions

A few things to note - our brown lashes are a bit curlier than our usual C or D curls - our brown lashes in the C curl are close to a CC or C+ curl and our D curl is close to a DD or D+ curl. 

Also, for this client in particular, we would opt for a shorter length next time. I hope you guys learn a lot from this tutorial! Please leave feedback and suggestions for what you want to see next!

The tutorial is below!


Products used are linked below <3

Mega Hold Adhesive

Brown Mink Eyelash Extensions

Y-5 and F-1 tweezers

White Tape

Clear Tape

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