How to Clean Lash Extensions 101

girl posing with lash extensions

girl posing with lash extensions

Learn How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

Many people don’t know that daily maintenance for their lash extensions is an absolute must! Since they have no idea that it’s necessary, they also obviously don’t know how to clean lash extensions. As their lash technician, it’s your responsibility to make sure clients understand lash aftercare and maintenance. Without proper care, their lashes won’t last!

If you’re looking for tips to help clients keep their lashes looking better for longer, check out this blog from Yegi Beauty on how to clean your eyelash extensions!

Table of Contents

  1. Use a Mild Cleanser
  2. Brush Every Day
  3. Avoid Oil
  4. Wear Less Eye Makeup

1. Using a Mild Cleanser

While eyelash adhesives are pretty strong, you should still caution your clients against using strong soaps or harsh scrubbing when cleaning their faces. A mild cleanser is the key to safely removing excess oils and particles from around the eye and lash area. When talking about how to clean lash extensions, you should recommend an oil-free cleanser to ensure that the soap doesn’t affect the adhesive at all. With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can help clients increase the life of their extensions!

2. Brushing the Lashes

using a lash brush on extensions

Consistent brushing can do a lot for lash extensions after application. Explain how to brush daily with a disposable or reusable lash brush to help remove any debris that might get caught in their lashes over the course of the day. Brushing daily can also fan out the extensions and make them look even fuller! Demonstrate the process to guarantee your clients really understand how to clean their lash extensions.

3. Avoiding Excess Oils

You need to examine the skincare products you use carefully to determine whether they could reduce the lifespan of your extensions. Oil makeup removers and cleansers are particularly harmful to the longevity of the lashes. In the long run, the oils in these products break down the adhesive in the lash glue and cause the lashes to fall out faster. When telling clients how to clean lash extensions, explain that they should check their skincare products for the word “oil-based.”

4. Using Less Makeup

multi-colored makeup palette

The whole reason your clients get lash extensions is to cut down on the need for makeup, right? Remind them to scale back on how much they apply daily. When they wear less makeup, they won’t need to cleanse, scrub, or rub their eye area as frequently — lowering the chances that they might accidentally remove the lashes. If they notice their lashes don’t look as full, remind them that they can always use a lash brush to fan out the lashes and make them look bigger.

Lash Extensions from the Pros

Making sure your clients know how to care for their lashes can improve their satisfaction! Teach them how to clean lash extensions and set them up for longer-lasting lashes.

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