Let's Talk Lashes - Glue Edition

Let's Talk Lashes - Glue Edition

Hello, and welcome back to talking about eyelash extensions!

One of the much-needed elements of applying eyelash extensions for your client is four letters and yet holds so much weight (see what I did there?); I'm referring to GLUE!

What's really cool about the Yegi Lashes brand is the options we have!

Now, if you're a lash tech that's just getting into the lash game, it's recommended to start with the Yegi Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive (Glue)  which comes in 2ML, 5ML, and 10ML!

But, if you realize that you have a knack for eyelash extensions extravaganza or if you've been hustling for a while now in the lash world, you may want to amp things up with the Mega Hold Adhesive!

Now, whats' the biggest difference? DRY TIME..hence, why I urge you to practice the craft and really see if you can mimic the dry time of the glue in order to give your client fabulous eyelash extensions!

P.S. Don't forget the Yegi Beauty Glue Rings to pair with the awesome adhesive(s)!

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