How to Protect Your Eyes During Application | Eyelash Extensions 101

How to Protect Your Eyes During Application | Eyelash Extensions 101

Hey doll!

You spend countless hours making your clients' eyes beautiful, but what about your eyes? If you saw yourself from the outside, you would see how much you're hunched over and squinting, just to make sure you get every. single. lash. If you did that for years and years, your eyes would be so strained and could get damaged!

In our latest video, we go over a couple options to help protect your eyes and vision, at two different price points.

We go over the magnifying lamp and magnifying glasses options, to help you figure out what is best for you!

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Happy lashing!

Magnifying Lamp (Pick-up Only - will be available for delivery soon!)

Magnifying Glasses

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Hello, I have seen some advertisements regarding world wide distributors. I was hoping perhaps you can fill me in in what this entails, as I maybe interested in being your Canadian distributor. Thanks


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