Mega Volume Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions Tutorial | Yegi Lashes

Mega Volume Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions Tutorial | Yegi Lashes

First blog post of the year and we are soooo excited for it! 

We have been posting a lot of round eye tutorials lately - sorry, we can't help how beautiful it looks on every eye! But a cat eye has never done us wrong either!

Using our Mega Hold Adhesive, Our Mega Volume in the C curl mixed tray, our Y-5 Tweezers, and many more of our products, we created this gorgeous look

- ME-OW!

If you're not familiar with our mega volumes - our Yegi Lash family can confirm that they are popular as they keep selling out hehe something we will try to change in 2019 - more mega volumes, does NOT equal more problems!

They are easy to use - the perfect balance between a pre-made fan and volume fans, our mega volumes are glued at the bottom, allowing you to pull out as many lashes at a time for the look you are going for AND easy to fan. 

All products and the video linked below!

Mega Volume Cat Eye Tutorial

Mega Hold Adhesive

Mega Volume C+ curl Mixed Tray

Y-5 Tweezers


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