What You Need to Start a Lash Business from Home

A lash technician performing eyelash extensions on a client

At Yegi Beauty, we offer so much more than just a place to stock up on your lash supplies and essentials. We’re also here to help you start a lash business from scratch. 

Whether you’re brand new to cosmetology or already have a license, we can help you figure out your next steps to start a lash business from home. So check out this comprehensive guide for an overview straight from our founder, Yegi!

1. Get A State License

Nearly every state requires a license for lash technicians. Even though lash extensions and lifts are a relatively newer beauty offering in the industry, there are cosmetology and aesthetician programs that cover the topic. You’ll need to look into your state’s requirements for practicing as a lash technician because every place has different licensing rules.

You should also note that a certificate is different from a license! They’re not interchangeable for your state requirements. Most of the time, certificates are earned for a specific course or lash technique as continuing education for when you start a lash business and want to expand your services.

At Yegi Beauty, we’ve noticed that many beauty programs don’t cover lash extension techniques very thoroughly because they have so many other things to teach you. If you want to specialize in lash extensions, you should consider getting a supplemental course to enhance your training.

2. A Massage Bed

A room with a massage bed and beauty products

When you first start a lash business, you’ll have to think about the materials you need other than lash extensions and glue! Yegi’s top recommendation is a folding massage bed. 

You can set up your massage bed in any room in your house if you’re starting a lash business from home, but it’s also an ideal choice for traveling to your clients. You can fold it up and stick it in your trunk, and there are even lightweight models that are very easy to carry. More importantly, an actual bed provides more comfort for your clients and you.

To complete your bed setup and start a lash business, make sure you also buy a few sets of sheets and headrest covers. You want your space to be as sanitary as possible, so you’ll need to change sheets and covers between every client. You should even change sheets and wipe down your bed after practicing on a mannequin, so clients don’t lay down in lash discard and dried adhesive.

Massage Bed Hack

Yegi says that she adds something a little extra to her massage bed to make it even more comfortable — foam padding. 

You want your clients as comfortable as possible, especially if they’re spending 2+ hours getting their lashes done. Go for a two-inch pad that covers your whole bed, and cover it with a fitted sheet for sanitary purposes. You may also want to get a knee pillow to support your clients and ensure they aren’t straining their backs during their appointment.

3. Small Chair or Stool

The next thing to get when starting a lash business is a chair for yourself to sit on during your appointments. Yegi recommends an adjustable chair, so you’re always at the right height and angle to lean over clients without hurting your back. 

Depending on the support you need, you can find chairs with ultra-cushioned seats, small backrests, and other perks that help you find the perfect position.

4. Mannequin Head

Mannequin heads for lash extensions practice

Practice is essential before you get good enough to start a lash business and work on clients. A mannequin head offers you the same proportions and feel as a real live person — except you can practice as long as you want without worrying about client eye sensitivity or bathroom breaks. 

Just keep in mind that a mannequin head will only provide one eye shape for you to practice with. So you will need to prepare yourself for each client’s skin, lash, and eye quirks to ensure a personalized, successful session.

5. Training Lashes

Your training lashes are not the same as the lash extensions you’ll be using on actual clients. These lashes have a very thick base, and they’re reusable. So you can practice glue application, placement, mapping, lifts, tints, and more as many times as you need. 

When you feel comfortable working with different types of lashes on your clients, you’ll have more confidence in starting a lash business from home.

6. Lash Kit

Beginner lash technician kit
Having training lashes is not enough to start a lash business. You need a whole host of materials and supplies for school, practice, and business purposes. You can buy each product separately, or you can shop lash kits that have everything you need all in one product. 

As you browse lash kits, we recommend making sure they contain the following items:

Yegi Beauty has several types of kits, including those for beginners, students, and pros who are ready to start a lash business.

7. Lash Extensions

Your lash kit has the basics, but you’ll also need a few different types of lash extensions in your selection to start a lash business. While most of our kits already come with extensions, you can build your own kit by shopping for individual extension styles.

One of the first extension styles you absolutely need as a beginner is a mixed tray because it’s easier and more affordable to get all the sizes you need in one tray. You don’t know which lashes you like working with yet or which ones your clients prefer. 

Once you have a little more experience and know which sizes your clients use, you can shop single trays, so you buy only the sizes you’ll use all the time. HEADS UP: Nine through fourteen are typically the most common sizes you’ll use when you start a lash business.

When it comes to length and curl, we recommend having a classic set on hand with 0.15 thickness and curls C (average curl) and D (super curly). B-curls aren’t really popular anymore, but some people still like a straighter lash. 

Our go-to for volume lashes include mega volume or easy fanning lashes because they’re the easiest to work with. Mega Volume 2.0 in 0.03 are the best for fanning out and can help you create nearly any style. You’ll definitely need to try out a few different styles for yourself when starting a lash business from home to find the best balance of styles, affordability, and versatility.

8. Sanitizing Products

Hand sanitizer and face mask

Sanitization is one of the most important parts of starting a lash business from home. Problems with lashes mostly arise from a lack of hygiene or because clients don’t follow proper aftercare instructions. Make sure you’re prepared for anything during your session with these essentials:

  • Barbicide and Container for Tweezers
  • Face Mask
  • Gloves
  • Tissue Paper
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Shower Caps
  • Hand Held Mirror
  • Paper Towels

You should also prepare your clients for aftercare by cleansing their eyes before and after application and giving them instructions on what to do at home and which aftercare products are best for their needs. You can carry extras of any aftercare product to sell to clients and bolster your revenue when you start a lash business.

Time to Get Started

With all these tips and tools, we’re confident you can start a lash business from home with a little initial investment and a lot of practice. As you get more experienced and successful, you’ll find yourself personalizing your toolkits with other essentials and additional training. 

We just hope that you continue to trust Yegi Beauty for all your supply needs and educational guidance. From our blog to our academy, we offer the support you want, discuss new trends you need to know about, and explore everything from basics onwards for beginners and experts.

If you want more information about how to start a lash business, you can find instruction videos on our YouTube channel or sign up for courses online.
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