How To Tackle Stress | Work-Life Balance Motivational Video

How To Tackle Stress | Work-Life Balance Motivational Video

Hey lovelies!

Another Vlog is here for you! In this Monday Motivation, Yegi finds a new place out in nature, away from everything. Things have been so crazy - all the pre-orders for Mega Volumes were shipped out, we just keep getting busier, and Yegi has 4324827423 things in the works. It has been important for her to practice what she preaches!

She has continued reading "In Praise of Slowness" which she talked about in her last vlog, where she pushed her limits on a hike. Now, she puts slowing down to the test!

Catch up with her as she takes you to her happy place and talks about stress, life and balance -- video linked below! Make sure to like and subscribe while you're there ;) 

Link to the video:

How To Tackle Stress and Do It All | Work-Life Balance Motivational Video


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