Welcome To The Yegi Trinity: Introduction

Welcome To The Yegi Trinity: Introduction

The beauty of the beauty industry is the multiple ways to glorify your own company. Thus comes the Yegi Trinity - the salon, the academy, and the products. 

So, what does that mean? It means Yegi Beauty has learned and developed into a business that has been able to expand itself into expert status, and with it comes knowledge as full and fluffy as your lashes. 

So what does this mean 2.0? This translates to a trio bundle of information - whether it's questions about getting eyelash extensions, choosing a career path as a lash technician, and/or buying a beaucoup worth of Yegi products for your lashing needs. (Yes, I threw in a French word in there for an ooo-la-la effect)

The Yegi Team has also executed simplicity as well as convenience for all the eyelash extensions elements by combining them all in one place for each web page. Need lash glue? Website. Need to enroll in a training course for certification? Website. Need to book your eyelash extensions service? Website!

It gets even better. We have added visuals for all of the above; our Instagram page adds more fuel to the fire, and it gets lit. The viewer gets to get a high-quality glimpse into all the action. There's even more la-la-lash-full content on YouTube, watching the products as well as Yegi's training come to life. 

Our website:

Our Instagram:

Yegi Beauty Channel

So, call it The Three Musketeers, Three's a Crowd, Three Card Poker...we are here to elevate the concept for you to look good, feel good, be unstoppable!


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Crazy how much you guys have grown <3 love the blog keep them coming!!


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