Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions Online Course & Certification

Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions Online Course & Certification

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This product is an Online Only course for Classic Eyelash Extensions - kit is not included. We recommend the Class Kit if you need eyelash extension supplies.

The Classic and Volume eyelash extension online training courses are Level 1 classes that will teach you everything you need to know to do classic, hybrid, and volume lash extensions. We will send you a physical certificate after you complete the course. While the class itself is pre-recorded and not live, additional live online training is available upon request on a case by case basis. 

Course Breakdown

Classic Course

The Classic eyelash extension online training course is an introduction that’s designed for anyone — you don’t need to know anything about eyelash extensions to join. This is a great way to start your lash technician journey, but we recommend a lot of additional practice after you become certified. You will be working with classic eyelash extensions only, but we welcome you to come and take our on-site eyelash technician training program for no additional cost if you would like more practice. (Masterclasses are excluded from this option.)


  • New Client Forms
  • Business Tips
  • Theory On Classic, Hybrid, & Volume Sets
  • Characteristics of Eyelash Extensions
  • Eyelash Extension Application Shapes
  • Consultations & Roleplay
  • Pulling Lashes
  • Isolation
  • Application
  • Eyelash Removal
  • Working On A Live Model
  • Useful Tips & Tricks From Your Educator

Volume Course

The Volume eyelash technician training program is designed for anyone who has taken our Classic eyelash extension online training course or is already proficient in the application of classic eyelash extensions. This course will cover the basics of volume eyelash extensions and introduce you to the different techniques for volume fans. While you will learn how to make hand-made fans in the course, the hand-made fans take a lot more practice than just what our course videos provide.


  • Business Tips
  • Pre Made & Hand Made Fans
  • Volume Terminology
  • Difference between 2D, 5D, 7D, and More
  • Consultations & Roleplay
  • Mapping
  • Using Pre-Made Fans
  • Creating Hand-Made Fans
  • Working On a Live Model
  • Useful Tips & Tricks From Your Educator

Once you send in your practice pictures and video, our instructors will provide feedback and tips on what you should work to change and improve.

How to Sign Up

Once you add the course to your cart and check out, you will receive an email from Thinkific to guide you through the account setup. You will then have 90-day access to the eyelash technician training program.

There are a few prerequisites you must meet to sign up for this course including a signature from a guardian if you are under 18 and a live model on whom to practice. We will need videos or photos of your practice sessions before you receive your certificate.

If you have any issues enrolling for our eyelash extension online training, please email as soon as possible.

You do not need a license to take this course, but you must do your due diligence and check your State/Country's rules and regulations for lash technicians.

Payment Plans

We no longer offer payment plans for many reasons and we promise that we made this change while keeping our students’ best interest in mind. Instead, we have made sure to make adjustments to offer quality classes and kits at the lowest prices possible! We are still accepting credit card payments for classes at checkout.  If you can’t afford to pay for the classes right now, we recommend putting money aside and saving up until you can enroll. While waiting, you can take advantage of all the free education we offer on our YouTube channel, Yegi Beauty. We want the best for our students and we think lowering our prices for the classes, while providing as much free education is the best way to help you in your lash journey!

Thank you for being our customer - now let’s get to lashing! 

Online Instructor: Yegi

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