Hybrid Eyelash Extensions | C & D Curl Tutorial

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions | C & D Curl Tutorial

 Hello Beautiful!

In our latest video, we go over a Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Tutorial with mixed curls! Using our Vegan Mink Eyelash Extensions in a D Curl for our Classic and our Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions in a C Curl for Volume, we create a more dynamic Hybrid look for the client!

Once you are super comfortable with lashing and you get to know your products (whether you're using our Yegi Lashes or another brand) it is definitely OK to mix different types of lashes and curls together! As long as you feel it is safe and the right kinds of lashes with your client, it can extend your skill and the types of looks you can create!

You can find the video by clicking here and I will list any products used below! Make sure to like and subscribe while you're there! <3

Happy Lashing!

Yegi Mink Classic Eyelash Extensions (Vegan)

Yegi Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions:


Yegi Premium Eyelash Extension Adhesive (Glue)

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