The Beginning, The Middle, The Journey

The Beginning, The Middle, The Journey

So, you stumbled on our Yegi Beauty website, or you were browsing through cute animal YouTube videos, and one thing led to another, and you were watching hours of our Yegi Beauty YouTube Channel eyelash extensions tutorials. We have all been there.

But now, it really made you pause. That tiny yet loud voice is expressing an immense amount of interest in becoming a lash technician, and building a career as long as the lash extensions for your future clients.

Due to the short attentions span we all have (reality check), Yegi created a short yet informative video just for you to stop the buzzing in your head of all the questions you didn't even know you had. 

Again, it's super cool to mention as to where the TRINITY came from - it's because you hit the trifecta by choosing Yegi Beauty and immediately getting the Yegi Beauty products in a kit of your choosing within a Yegi Academy course; also, since Yegi has a salon of her own, she's able to incorporate a third ingredient in the love-of-lashes recipe: the business aspect of eyelash extensions services. 

Do you want to know something even cooler? You ready for this? The Yegi Beauty eyelash extensions tutorials, like this one called Eyelash Extensions 101, shows the triple jackpot in action: in the environment of her very well-established salon, Yegi demonstrates how to apply eyelash extensions using Yegi Beauty products, and consults/comforts the client along the way for the best service possible.

Take that leap of faith, and lash your heart away. 

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