Yegi Tweezerhands

Yegi Tweezerhands

According to my beauty-fab opinion, (yes, it's a thing) isolation is a la-la-lash requirement that once perfected, will put you on the top of your eyelash extensions kingdom. 

Why is it so important? As a lash technician, you are giving your client the best experience by making sure the natural lashes do not get stuck to each other and cause any pain or harm. Yegi makes sure she elevates this point during her Yegi Academy courses as well as in her Yegi Beauty YouTube Channel, so much so that you'll be on Cloud 9 with your client, because the set will be just that airy.  

Yegi don't play with the isolation game. (Fast forward to 3:50 to catch what we talking about, especially since she mentions the little baby eyelashes, and how to bring your top notch isolation skills to show the baby lashes who's boss).  

Let the master teach the grasshopper now on tweezers. Yegi Beauty Y-5 Tweezers have been proven to be the most popular for isolation for any type of set, whether classic, hybrid, or volume; it has a perfect curve and angle that releases the pressure on your wrist, because of how long the tip is.


But, you got choices, my friend. If you prefer straight tweezers, especially for the Classic Set, the Y-1 comes in handy; it's light-weight, long and narrow with a sharp point. 

This is going to seem like back-and-forth mambo-jumbo, but it's going to be lit once you get the hang of it. With two curved tweezers, Y-5 and F-2, [cue The Weeknd, "with the curve, with the curve"] you can make magic using the Y-5 for isolation and F-2 for de-attaching the eyelash extension from the strip. 

MEGA VOLUME ALERT! A lash technician may prefer Y-5 for isolation and F-1 for fanning since it helps fan out the Mega Volume lashes effortlessly.

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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