Yegi Beauty Educator Course

Yegi Beauty Educator Course

Simply put, Yegi has an amazing story...a story that led her to where she is now. Through her trials and errors, she had one ultimate goal and that was to make the journey as flawless as possible for both lash technicians as well as eyelash extensions clients. 

Without realizing, with time, hard work, and a positive attitude, YEGI TRINITY was born - her Yegi Beauty salon, her Yegi Academy, and her Yegi Beauty products. 

Just like primer, glue, and eyelash extensions intertwine, so did her brand. 

A light bulb went on in her beautified mind, and she asked herself the following: why doesn't she allow lash technicians, who have also put in the hard work and dedication to lashes be a part of her rising brand? Why not teach them to teach as well?

Let's open the curtains to...THE YEGI BEAUTY EDUCATOR COURSE!

Yegi and Brittanee in the Educator Course

 Brittanee (@beautybybrittanee) took our Yegi Beauty Educator Course by flying to LA to shadow Yegi teaching one of the Yegi Academy courses!

Yegi Beauty Educator Course

So, what happens now? Well, Brittanee is back in Michigan and we are super excited to have her start teaching Yegi Academy courses in her area. Email to get all the lovely deets! 

Its' an exciting time for Yegi Beauty, as the Yegi United States & Canada Tour picks right up in August - be an inspiration for YOURSELF and begin your fabulous lash tech career! 

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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