Yegi Beauty Lash Education

Yegi Beauty Lash Education

If you, as a lash technician, exude tremendous passion for eyelash extensions, the urge for lash education goes hand-in-hand. Think about it...on what level will your confidence be, when you walk into the lash service for your client with all the information embedded in your beautified mind? 100%.

So it is with pure excitement that Yegi Beauty is happy to announce an eyelash extensions book for lash technicians to increase their lash knowledge to the fullest, just like a Mega Volume Set! It's in the works, so stay tuned for the official announcement.

For now, let me further your lash education by turning your fabulous attention to Yegi Academy. The reason the Yegi Team mentions the courses over and over again is to display the big-picture idea, which is by being educated you are going to advance your career so effortlessly, it'll be taking off right before your lash-full eyes.

As always, we try to make as many options and resources available to you. Check out more information by clicking here for the Yegi Academy onsite as well as online courses.

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Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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I would like to get certified for lashes

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