What's New with Yegi Beauty?

What's New with Yegi Beauty?

The beauty industry don’t stop, and neither does Yegi Beauty. It’s almost the end of August, and Yegi Trinity has taken over; it has synchronized and beautified our Instagram! If you’re new to the fabulous blog, Yegi Trinity represents Yegi Academy, products, and the salon.

Now, look at our IG Magic:

Yegi Beauty Instagram Magic
Let’s start from the far left, and work our way through the lash-full month!

Yegi Academy:

One of our Yegi Educators, Anna {ilash_by_anna} taught a Yegi Academy course in the beginning of the month, while the rest of the Yegi Team worked hard to add a tutorial on how to remove eyelash extensions during a fill, notify all lash technicians on upcoming classes, and shed light on taking an online course if that fits your needs better. Woah, that sentence was as long as our awesome lash products (22mm, by the way).

Yegi Products:

It’s truly super rewarding to witness lash artists grab their paintbrushes (in this case, that means glue, extensions, primer, and more) and paint superb full sets. It’s a win-win situation, and it’s with utmost pleasure to post artwork on our social media platforms.

Yegi Beauty Salon:

Our Burbank (Los Angeles area) girls persevere for the salon, and we can’t help ourselves but to gush over their full sets and/or fills, lash lifts, and more. Did I mention that we have facial and microblading services as well?

*Please note, the respective professionals are all tagged on each IG post.

Don’t want to get too ahead of myself, but who am I kidding? Did you really expect me to hold back on this awesomeness?

Check out this special scoop:

Chicago Illinois Education Schedule

 Chicago Los Angeles Brooklyn and Orlando Schedule


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