The Life Of Yegi And Yegi Beauty

The Life Of Yegi And Yegi Beauty
Yegi Saryan of Yegi Beauty

It's motivational and inspirational to talk about Yegi Beauty because Yegi made sure that when the brand grew, so did her passion and dedication. So let's look forward by looking back; about a month ago, Shopify honored the Lash Goddess with an article for her story. 

The rhythm of the writing starts with the United States Tour; Yegi and her husband embarked on this adventure in order to show the rest of the country the essence of eyelash extensions. Every course that she has the opportunity to teach fills her with gratitude and satisfaction, and if she needs to drop everything, hop in a RV and travel to lash technicians, then so be it.

But, how did the Lash Queen get this far? With struggle, of course. She took a lot of risks, she rolled the dice, she racked up debt...but would she really be saying "I made it" without any of it? The answer is no.

There's so much more details to her journey, but the Yegi Team will let you dive in. It's categorized as a "four-minute-read" and let that be a microscopic view of the larger-scaled life decisions you may be hesitant to make.

Let these 240 seconds be the mini push you never knew you needed to expand on your dreams. Will there really be a Yegi Trinity segment without the perseverance of this boss lady?


Yegi Trinity - Yegi Beauty Educator Course

Be sure to check out a video version of Yegi's story as well as other motivational videos on our YouTube Channel. It's never too late to change the direction of your journey. [See below for all the links]

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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