Learn About Yegi Academy Lash Courses

Learn About Yegi Academy Lash Courses

Let's dive into this with a history lesson first; Yegi Trinity ultimately blossomed 🌸 from Yegi's motivation to be the best she can be, and that means finding awesome accommodations for literally everyone

What does that really mean? Well, it means you can call the Yegi Team and ask about wanting eyelash extensions all the way to the humidity of our Yegi Beauty adhesives, and we will find all the possible ways to help you.

For the longest time, Yegi Academy courses didn't travel outside of Los Angeles, California. But, she definitely listened to the lash technicians super interested in her teaching skills, but didn't have the means to get to sunny LA ☀️. So, logically she set it up to travel to different states in the U.S.A.! The Yegi U.S. Tour has been quite the adventure!

But like everything else, dates and schedules can mess up the feng shui. So, let's take it a step further and add online classes to the party. Now, it's definitely a fiesta. 🎉

The party doesn't have to stop after the course is finito. Whether you have the chance to take a course during the tour, or turn to the cyber world 💻, the greatest Yegi Beauty shopping hack is getting 20% off indefinitely on Yegi Beauty products!

For those obsessed with math (no judgment here, but I hope you're obsessed with eyelash extensions more) the saved dollars 💲 overtime will accumulate to the point that the course would pay for itself. 

Similar to the formula for those poppin' lashes, the formula to success can be broken down as Yegi Academy Course + Certification = 20% off forevaaaa. WIN-WIN-WIN!

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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