Wash Away Your Worries With Yegi Beauty Lash Cleanser

Wash Away Your Worries With Yegi Beauty Lash Cleanser

Let me start off by saying Happy Friday and also throw in a #FlashbackFriday. I won't keep you in suspense for too long...let's beautify your mind with the Yegi Beauty Lash Foam Cleanser Set!

This pink gem of a product was released last year, and yet, it is crucial to use as a lash technician as well as a client. It's no wonder it's a top seller with our customers and the eyelash extensions beautified clients at the Yegi Beauty salon!

I did say "flashback" after all...check out this awesome blog commemorating the moment it hit the shelves! {Yegi Lashes Lash Cleanser In All Its Pink Glory}

It wouldn't be in true Yegi-Team form if there wasn't a tutorial to match the "pink glory" - take a look at how to use the product and why to use it. {Best Way to Clean Eyelash Extensions for Clients}

So, almost a year later, it's also in the brand's fabulous nature to expand and improve, especially after considering all the feedback. Without further ado, we recently added the option to buy the Cleaning Brush, the same brush that comes with the cleanser. But why not stock up, especially because clients will be knocking down your door after they notice how clean you keep their lashes?

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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