How To Make Money In The Beauty Industry | Yegi Edition Pt. 1

How To Make Money In The Beauty Industry | Yegi Edition Pt. 1

Let's be honest here; at this point, you're very well aware of Yegi Trinity illuminating eyelash extensions...whether it's earning a certification, buying products for it, and even receiving Yegi Beauty salon services.

But, let's take a step back in order to take ten steps forward with no tripping. 

Yegi, with her constant inspire-and-motivate attitude, wanted to set a reminder on everyone's calendar in regards to the beauty industry, and showcase that pursuing a profession in this field is not a materialistic choice and definitely not a black and white one. 

Let's draw your fabulous attention to the new YouTube video called How To Make Money In The Beauty Industry | Eight Ways To Profit Without Opening a Salon.

There's so much awesome info to dive into, and it made the most sense to divide it into two parts. 

Independent Contractor: let me paint the perfect scenario; you're talented in one or more beauty aspects and you not only are working for yourself, but within the scope of someone else that owns the salon. This way you're building your name and your brand while avoiding any stress-related decisions of owning your own business.

Renter: Similar to the perks of being an Independent Contractor, you're investing a bit more as a Renter with a larger pay-out. You technically are running your own business, meaning checking out your clients, etc. However, it's in a sense having a microscopic business within the macroscopic salon.

Own A Salon: Now, you're probably thinking "I thought the whole point of this whole video/blog was about not owning a salon"? Technically, yes and no. In the video, what is more-so described is the fact that it's not just about opening a salon; it's about matching this powerful decision with the strength of being an entrepreneur. So, don't rule out this idea if you have equal passion for both sides of the business. But if you feel more negatively, that's when we come in and show that there are other options!

Beauty Blogging: This career path can leave an impression of being in the "outside" realm of the beauty industry, but alas, that is not the case! You may find your strengths in writing, creating YouTube videos, leaving reviews on products rather then doing any of the services related to beauty.

The YouTube spectacular video gives you much more details, and Yegi wins at breaking it down.

Tune in for Part 2 for even more ways to shine bright, and profit while doing so.

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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