Take A Light Or 3D Trip With Yegi Strip Lashes

Take A Light Or 3D Trip With Yegi Strip Lashes

Thus far, (yes, it is quite the Shakespearean start) the Yegi Team has been holding tight to the love-of-lashes oars, steering the Yegi Trinity boat through all the waves of knowledge, tips, and business tactics. 

And we will keep doing this; the Lash Goddesses know that there's no stopping on any of that fun jazz, because we can't stop, and we won't stopppp. 

But, what happens when there's certain "lash icebergs" that the lash technician as well as the client crashes into, out of everyone's control?

Simple: We look for a solution, because the beauty of the beauty industry is that one can legit apply to thy business the same way as thy life. 

Hold on tight to the life jacket, because the lifeboat coming to the rescue is the Yegi Mink Strip Lashes!

Here are the different options:

Yegi Light Mink Strip Lashes - CLASSY LADY

Yegi Light Mink Strip Lashes - RUSSIAN DOLL

Yegi 3D Mink Strip Lashes - GODDESS

Yegi 3D Mink Strip Lashes - BAD B

The "Light" has up to 15 uses with proper care, and the "3D" has up to 25 uses with proper care.

 As a lash tech, we know what you're potentially thinking: isn't this completely against my lash business, and everything I stand for? 

Let me go ahead and take a page out of Hamlet's book, and break into monologue to fully explain the Yegi reasoning behind this product. 

✨ Your client needs a break, whether it's because she can't afford the upkeep or due to the state of her natural lashes. By suggesting the strip lashes, you're actually being a very caring and considerate lash tech, and creating a trust. You're offering a temporary solution, as in the client still feels lovely and fabulous with the lash look they're going for, and you're securing her or him as a permanent client in the long run. Why? Alas darling, it's because you're easing them through a transition, and let's be honest here, people talk. By not giving that money-hungry vibe, you're saving the main aspect that keeps your business going, and that's your CLIENTS.

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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